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Discovering Nature’s Treasures in Copper Country

Located in the very heart of “Copper Country” in the town of Miami, Arizona,

The Gila County Gem and Mineral Society was begun by two men in the Globe-Miami area in 1956.  Their hope was to gather a group interested in mineralogy and geology.  In a garage they had a few machines for cutting and polishing gem materials that could be used in designing and fashioning jewelry.  Besides cutting and polishing, the new by-laws had the objectives of “providing opportunities for collecting, purchasing, exchanging and exhibition of specimens and materials”. 

In 1957 this group sponsored the first gem and mineral show, which today is greatly expanded and opens for 3 days in January.  The annual show provides something for all ages: nearly 40 fascinating display cases, door prizes every hour, vendors, demonstrations, a silent auction and a large room dedicated to hands-on learning and games for all ages.


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More About Us

Located in the very heart of “Copper Country” in the town of Miami, Arizona, the Gila County Gem & Mineral Society was founded in 1956 by a small group of individuals who shared a love for rocks and minerals. The Globe-Miami area of Arizona is rich in mining history and continues to be a major source of copper, gold, silver and other mineralogical treasures such as turquoise, azurite, chrysocolla and many other rocks and minerals.

Our Gem Show

Come join us for the 66th annual Gila County Gem and Mineral Show! The show will be held indoors at the Gila County Fairgrounds. January 12th, 13th & 14th 2024. This will be a fun time for rock and mineral collectors, fossil hobbyist and kids of all ages. The show runs from 9am to 5pm Friday and Saturday and 10am to 4pm Sunday. Students and children are free and $3.00 per Adult..

Our Photo Album

Interested in seeing what we find at the sites we visit? Come take a look at our Photo Album that shows a few specimens found during recent collecting trips. These are not all of what we have found but are typical of what is found at those sites. This album also includes pictures of our club members collecting these specimens and various scenery that we get the privilege of enjoying as we visit the sites.